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Friday, January 21, 2011

KILLAWAVA - Bodysurfing Handplanes

..."Everything else is just work!"

Killawava Hand Planes are built for SPEED!... If you've ever body surfed this is one thing you've probably wished for. With these boards you can lift more of your body out of the water and reduce drag. Dropping in on a hollow wave with a handplane is like nothing you have ever experienced. You can take off really late and when you get up to full speed your body is literally just skimming across the surface of the water, it feels like you are flying! 

 All my boards have duel straps. The front strap is smaller so only your 2nd and 3rd finger go through it. The second strap goes just in front of your thumb with all your fingers through it. This dual strap setup I believe keeps the board more securely attached to your hand so the board doesn't feel like it's going to fall off. 

 I like the straps closer to the nose because it makes it easier to catch waves and increases speed while trimming on a steep wave.  

Beware of having your fingers wrapped over the nose at low tide or close out shore pound  because it really hurts if you hit the bottom.  I think the risk is worth the reward of increased speed and easier takeoffs.  This strap placement is called the "Knuckle Buster." If you feel uncomfortable with your  fingers over the nose I can also move the straps back to protect your fingers, just ask for the "Safer" strap placement.

The length of the board varies and I can make custom sizes to fit your needs. 

Bigger boards...
 (Tube Time) 
are good for up to head high waves,

and smaller planes...
 (The Kite)

(Stubby 9x6) and...

(Stealth Bomber)

are good for larger waves seeing that you have less board to deal with if you go into the washing machine.

The straps can be adjusted. Simply untie the square knot and tighten or loosen as needed.

Lately I've been making all my boards with channels.  These work so good.  

It really catches the water moving up the face of the wave  increasing your speed and helps hold your line through the barrel.


Painted Stealth Bomber

The Stealth Bomber (linseed oil finish) with painted on stringer

Tube Time "Knuckle Buster"

Stealth Bomber (before straps installed)

The Kite

Early years Tube Time "Knuckle Buster"
Laquor finish on this one.

Early years laquor finish Tube Time

  Try out a Killawava Hand Plane and body surfing will never be the same.

If you think you would like me to make you a board the prices start at $89. Thanks for checking out my page.  

If interested contact me at...


Tube Time boiled linseed oil finish with painted on stringer

Favorite spot

The Kite boiled linseed oil finish

San Clemente State Beach

Tube Time boiled linseed oil finish and painted on stringer

Tube Time Knuckle Buster


Outrigger (for trailing hand)- used for a pointbreak

Channels forever


Stealth Bomber boiled linseed oil finish and painted on stringer

Chris Saglin at the Handplane Hoedown

The Kite (Small) painted with channels polyurithane gloss finish


  1. Very Nice! I love a simple functional design!!!

  2. Get me on some of that Killawava action!!!! I've been lugging around a short board all over South America, a Killawava would have been way more practical!

    1. You will dig it send your address to and I will send you one. Happy Bday T!!