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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Death Fin (as with all Killawava Boards - use at your own risk)

My brother Tom and I glassed fins on our Water Wonders when we were kids lol.  I still remember using that thing during Black Ball in Newport.  It tracked so nice and was so  much fun until the lifeguard kicked us out of the water.  I recycled this fin from an old board sitting on the side of the house.  I may have too much time on my hands,  but something inside me kinda wonders how this thing is going to ride lol.

Rode this board last weekend. Used both hands extended (no  elbows), right hand forward going left.  My left hand was over the tail and I could actually turn on a dime.Was able to carve turns and generate speed.  Had some nice views looking out of the tube. Totally  different way of riding a hand plane. 
Sooo Stoooked!!  Surfing on your hands.
 May loose the hand straps for this model.  Just wax the top like a surfboard.  And ride it like a short board (really short) Very fast.

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